About us


NKT GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne

A state-of-the-art cable factory, and the embodiment of our customers’ requirements, down to the last detail, giving the facility the name f2c – flow2customer. The factory has been constructed on the basis of facilitating optimal cable production and an optimum of environmental protection. Special technical innovations have been integrated into the plant to make production as efficient as possible.

Product range: Medium voltage cables, High voltage cables, High voltage accessories, Fibre optic products, Superconducting cables, Submarine cables, VALCAP® Grid monitoring systems.

NKT GmbH & Co. KG, Hettstedt

At Hettstedt,  we produce our cutting-edge Railway products. Here, we manufacture catenary systems to help innovate the rail industry. The production of cable wires and conductors which is also done here, is backing up our lengthy experience of rail electrification around the world.

NKT GmbH Kabelgarnituren, Nordenham

Here in Nordenham, we concentrate our medium voltage accessories competence. At the site, we develop and produce all our premium MV power cable accessories. Thus, for NKT, Nordenham is a hub to continue our pioneering work in the field of silicone rubber. 

NKT GmbH, Berlin

Founded in May 2000 by a team with extensive national and international experience, in 2013 CCC GmbH was merged into its direct parent company NKT GmbH & Co. KG and is responsible for offering high voltage cable systems including high voltage accessories. 

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