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NKT S.A., Warszowice

Company founded in 1928 in Czechowice-Dziedzice. In 1993 NKT A/S and IO bought shares of Śląska Fabryka Kabli S.A. In 1999 opening of the new production plant and logistic center in Warszowice, after 7 years in 2009 the new plant building in Warszowice was completed.

Currently the newest production plant in Poland equipped in the modern world class machinery like Niehoff and Rosendahl. Implemented Lean optimization, and very high efficiency of production.

The production range covers production of installation and low-voltage cables. NKT in Poland has also its own PVC compounds production facility located in Knurów.

Contact us:

ul. Gajowa 3
PL-43-254 Warszowice

Telephone: +48 32 757 17 00



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