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NiceProcure - Procurement's eSourcing solution

As part of NKT’s Excellence 2020 Must Win Battle “Digitalization” our goal is to digitalize our processes. Within Procurement we achieve this by implementing the project NiceProcure. It enables us to conduct many of our sourcing activities (Registration, RfX, Contract Mngt., etc.) digitally using the cloud solution SAP Ariba. 

Supplier Benefits

NiceProcure will enable NKT to streamline and harmonize it’s processes across all entities. This will create more transparency and other benefits for the suppliers: 

  • One primary mean of communication with NKT including Registration, responses to RfX, Contract Management, etc.
  • NiceProcure powered by SAP Ariba is a cloud solution, and should therefore not require any changes to your current software or computer settings 
  • One harmonized Registration process enables you to participate in RfX for all NKT legal entities
  • Fair & competitive environment for all suppliers 
  • Registration to the NKT cloud at no cost to your company

Let’s get started with NiceProcure

As part of NiceProcure you will participate in NKT’s sourcing process via SAP Ariba. It will be free of charge for NKT suppliers. As a supplier you simply have to register to the Ariba Commerce Cloud. If you are new to SAP Ariba - find more information on how to get started below:

Quick Guide SAP Ariba for Suppliers


Support and Training

Supplier Support and Training

Get support from SAP Ariba directly by following this link.


Ariba Supplier Login

As NKT supplier log in to SAP Ariba by following this link.

RfI Participation

Request for Information (RfI) is used by NKT to investigate which suppliers can supply specific materials at which time and on what market. It may include detailed technical information and a pricing estimate. At NKT it is usually followed-up by an RfP.

Quick Reference Guide – Supplier Participation RfI

RfP Participation

Request for Proposal (RfP) is used by NKT to evaluate the potential suppliers based on their commercial and technical proposal. It enables NKT to ask specific questions about the product or service in question and offers the supplier the opportunity to bid on a tender. 

Quick Reference Guide – Supplier Participation RfP

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