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Here you can find an overview of all the materials and items NKT is currently sourcing. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information or are interested in supplying to NKT. 

Below please find a list of NKT’s sourcing categories:

  • Aluminum-Rod, EC and alloyed, various tensile strengths, dimensions 9,5 to 25 mm
  • Aluminum wires, conductors and cores
  • Copper-Rod, ETP-Cu and alloyed, 8 mm and other diameters
  • Copper wires, conductors and cores
  • Copper cathodes, Grade-A and off-grade
  • Lead for cable sheathing
  • Recycling of bare and insulated nf-metal scrap (Copper, Aluminum, Lead)
  • Galvanized steel-wires and tapes
  • PE-based cable compounds (insulation, semiconductive, jacketing)
  • PE-base-resins
  • Ingredients for cable compounds (base resins, plasticizers, masterbatches, peroxide, stabilizer, pigments, chalk, additives, TiO2, colorants etc.)
  • HFFR-jacketing and -filling compounds
  • PVC-based cable compounds (insulation, jacketing, filling)
  • EPDM-based filling compounds for cables
  • Cable compounds for automotive applications (PU, PA, Polyester, Thermoplastics, PP, PFA) 
  • Woven and nonwoven tapes, foils (conductive and semiconductive tapes, swelling and buffering tapes, polyester and cotton tapes, identification tapes, cable foils)
  • Papers (crepe and plain paper, non- and semi-conductive)
  • Swelling- and other cable yarns
  • Copper- and Aluminum-tapes, bare or coated
  • Cable drums and spools made from wood, steel, plywood and plastic
  • Transport material (wooden pallets and logs, cardbord boxes, big-bags, octabins)
  • Packing material (labels, strips, adhesive tapes, PE-foils)
  • Cable caps 
  • PP-yarns
  • Profiles and components for offshore cables 
  • Metal Parts for LV- and MV-Accessories (standard parts, screw connectors, crimping connectors, turned, milled, pressure formed and casted parts, steel parts)
  • Silicone (raw material, semi-finished parts)
  • GRP raw material
  • Electrical fittings
  • Metal Parts for HV-Accessories (standard parts, screw connectors, crimping connectors, turned, milled, pressure formed and casted parts, steel parts)
  • Insulators (porcelain, silicone, cast resin)
  • Shrinking material and tapes
  • Filling compounds for accessories
  • Insulating oil for accessories
  • Housings (Copper, GRP, ABS), Link boxes
  • Assembly groups
  • Cable clamps
  • Administrative cost
  • Facility Related Services
  • Financial Cost
  • Fleet
  • HR, Training & Education
  • Insurance
  • IT & Communication
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Organizations and Clubs
  • Product Accessories
  • Production Related Services
  • Professional Services
  • Taxes and Duties
  • Travel & Entertainment
  • Vessel 
  • Installation Services
    • Onshore Civil Works
    • Onshore Cable Laying
    • Onshore Installation Works
    • Onshore Scaffolding
    • Onshore HV Onsite Test
    • Onshore HDD Driling Landfall
    • Offshore Sea Cable laying services
    • Offshore Trenching
    • Offshore Guard Vessel
    • Offshore Survey Services
    • Offshore/Nearshore Cable Installation
    • Offshore Cable Protection Services
    • Offshore Cable Repair Services
    • Offshore Per-Sweping and Dredging
    • Offshore Route Preparation Services
  • Investments
    • Machinery Investments
    • Other Investments
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