Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees, suppliers, customers and partners is paramount to NKT.  We are continuously working to strengthening our safety culture by mitigating risks and supporting the necessary behaviour for ongoing improvements. All NKT production sites are certified according to the global health and safety standard ISO 45001:2018.

Zero by choice - Life Saving Principles

Safety is our first priority. In NKT, we focus on ensuring safety in in everything we do. Our efforts are anchored in the NKT Life Saving Principles – five core focus areas driving and strengthening our safety culture.
In NKT, we have a risk-based safety focus and to ensure high impact we are addressing the most present needs through local safety initiatives, campaigns and targeted improvement projects. All rooted in the Life Saving Principles:
1. Safety first
  • Everything starts with safety
2. Adress every hazard
  • Always react and act
3. Work safe or do not work at all 
  • Follow safety requirements
  • No permit - No work
  • Careful use of tools, devices, machines
  • Full protection when working at heights
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Do not work on live electrical systems
  • Transport and handle materials carefully
  • Walk safely
  • Travel safely
4. Safety is everyone's responsibility
  • Take care of yourself and those around you
5. Treat people with respect
  • Adhere to our Code of Conduct

Driving change - safety KPI framework

To track our progress and ensure fast mitigation, we are working with three main Health and Safety KPI’s. The KPI framework was updated in 2021.

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