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NKT completes important milestone in the innovative project Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution connecting Denmark and Germany

Power cable systems from NKT are at the heart of Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution which is the world’s first offshore interconnector using the national grid connections of...

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NKT wins high-voltage cable project to connect two Norwegian offshore platforms leveraging the benefits of power from shore

NKT has been awarded the turnkey project from Equinor Energy AS for the 132 kV high-voltage cable connecting the oil and gas platforms Johan Sverdrup 2 and Gina Krog.

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NKT finalizes the project with the world’s longest HVAC submarine cable 1

NKT has handed over the 163 km long high-voltage cable system powering the Norwegian oil and gas field Martin Linge from the shore. The cable solution is the world’s longest...

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NKT appoints Alexander Kara, a senior power industry executive, CEO

The NKT Board of Directors has appointed Alexander Kara President and CEO of NKT and NKT A/S. Alexander Kara is an internationally experienced executive in the power...

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NKT releases digital cable drum tracking solution

With a new IoT-based platform NKT is now ready to meet customer demands for smart tracking of cable drums and improved project management processes. This will annually save...

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NKT awarded its largest offshore export cable order ever for the Ostwind 2 grid connection

NKT is awarded a contract of approx. EUR 300m (approx. DKK 2.23bn) by 50Hertz. The contract comprises supply of approx. 270 km of 220 kV high-voltage AC XLPE offshore export...

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