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Cable accessories with geometric field control

Dec 3, 2020

As a premium supplier for power cable accessories, we are committed to ensuring that our cable accessories meet the highest industry standards. Our reliable accessory solutions are based on a method called geometric field control. Learn more about what this is in the text and video below.

Advantages of using the geometric instead of the refractive field control

Fluctuating and in particular high frequencies cause heat loss in cable accessories. This can lead to fire, particularly when heat-sensitive materials are used. This risk is often greatest when using refractive field control methods, as this technology is more susceptible to harmonics, which can lead to dielectric losses and high local temperatures. The heat has a negative effect on the insulation material used, which in turn can lead to the formation of cavities, followed by partial discharges and ultimately breakdown.

Where is the geometric field control applied?

Geometric field control is the oldest and most reliable method of controlling the electric field intensities in accessories for cable systems. High voltage and extra-high voltage accessories exclusively use geometric field control. NKT therefore also uses this technology for medium voltage products to ensure the longest possible lifespan of their cable systems.
Cable accessories which connect wind turbines to the grid should only be equipped with geometric field control elements, since they are exposed to voltages with high and strongly fluctuating frequencies.

Benefits of the geometric field control:

We equip our cable accessories with field control elements, which enable them to cope with high and fluctuationg frequencies. As a result, our cable accessories are more reliable than those with refractive field control.

Clear advantages of the geometric field control:

  • Not dependent on frequencies
  • Lower risk of overheating
  • No additional ageing, therefore no premature failure of accessories
  • Save valuable time and money  
For more information on what makes our cable accessories so special, please reach out to Ralf Meier.