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Celebrating Qaddy® and 10 years with smarter workflow

Dec 14, 2021

A design classic celebrates its anniversary. For more than 10 years Qaddy has significantly improved the working conditions for electricians with its revolutionary, ergonomic design.

In 2011, NKT introduced a completely new and unique cable drum concept for low voltage cables; the Qaddy drum trolley. NKT won the Product Award from Danish Engineering Weekly and as part of the reasoning for awarding Qaddy, the judges highlighted that the solution was intuitive, simple, easy, reliable, ergonomic and quality oriented. The design work lifted the product to much more than just a practical device.
Qaddy relieved the problem of transporting and lifting heavy cables around construction sites and only after a few years, Qaddy became very popular among Danish electricians and installers. Consultants also supported these efforts by considering CSR (corporate social responsibility) in project descriptions when specifying cables for the low voltage installations. Through the years we have also introduced Qaddy in Sweden, Norway, Poland, Finland and Czechia.
Twice the work in half the time
Qaddy prevents injuries and significantly improves working conditions for the electricians. When Qaddy is used during installation, the workflow also becomes faster and smoother and saves time and money for the installer. The Danish EVU's measurements show that installers can benefit from a work flow and do twice the work in half the time.
Qaddy was developed in collaboration with electricians as well as physiotherapists and occupational therapists. The immediate aim was to create a system that removed the heavy lifting and unmanageable wooden cable drums from the installation work. It is the back in particular that is protected by Qaddy, as you no longer have to be a bodybuilder to move cable drums around.
Qaddy project building of new hospital
Qaddy Usage
A unique Qaddy deposit refundsystem
Qaddy has been an integral part of NKT´s recycling strategy and has had a deposit/refund system from day one to ensure that all drums can be reused or recycled. 
The recycling process was optimized when NKT went from manual cleaning to a robotic automated washing system. When the customer is buying a Qaddy he will pay a deposit that is reimbursed upon the return to the a wholesaler. The used Qaddy´s are then collected and returned to the robotic laundromat at the NKT site in Asnæs, Denmark.
Every week the site in Asnæs receives trucks with used Qaddys from wholesalers in Europe and new ones are also purchased so that they are consistently in stock. Each Qaddy has its own unique number and is also equipped with a barcode so it always can be traced. NKT then clean and repair the returned drums and rewind them with new cables ready to be used again. Around  95% of all Qaddys are recycled.
Qaddy is the first significant improvement of cable drums in more than 100 years
When you see the product and the solution, it is surprising that it has taken so long to reach such a unique product. But NKT has been willing to invest in smart pack and has spent a lot of thought on how to improve the working environment and safety for installers. NKT implement a high level of safety, accountability and environmental awareness in their products to ensure a high degree of corporate social responsibility.

I use Qaddy® as often as I can.

— Kim Lundberg Andersen, electrician, Multi-Tech

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