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Close-knit supplier relations and a green agenda

Jun 10, 2022

For the past 45 years, a small installer shop in Thy, Denmark has helped the locals with everything from building automation to heat pumps. NKT has supplied the shop since the beginning and has become a close partner along the way. Even when tasks have changed during the years and with today’s increasing focus on more sustainable solutions

svend knudsen elektrikeren thy flag blue white
The installer shop Svend Knudsen opened its doors in 1976 in Hanstholm - the north-western part of Denmark. Today, the company is driven by the founder’s son and daughter-in-law, Jarl and Charlotte Knudsen. They later bought another company and is now operating under the name Svend Knudsen Elektrikeren Thy.
The 10 employees are handling everything from installation to building automation in new constructions and industries to installation of alarm systems and heat pumps.
The industry is in constant motion and the demand has changed throughout the years, so the company has adapted accordingly; “Since my father started the company, we have added more and more competencies. Installations has become more complex and as the owner of an installer shop it’s key to stay updated” – Jarl says.
svend knudsen smployee portrait
svend knudsen elektrikeren thy flag blue white
Close collaboration 
But they can’t do it all by themselves. The years have taught Jarl the importance of collaborating with competent and steady suppliers; “Of course we need suppliers to deliver the right products – but it’s even better when we get competent service and technical guidance on top of that. We have built yearlong partnerships with our key suppliers and the trust from those relationships provides the best solutions for our customers”.
NKT has been supplying cables to the company since 1976 – both for regular installation tasks and larger projects; “A close relation through many years, a high quality of cables and cable solutions as well as technical guidance” – Jarl answers when asked why they have stuck with NKT for so many years.
“It simply makes sense – not to mention value – to maintain a high level of trust between our business and our supplier. And it makes my job easier that NKT is easy to work with”.
A greener future
Thy has in recent years become a household name in terms of the climate change mitigation. A test centre for wind power has been erected, Hanstholm harbour has been expanded and recently, the building of a Power-to-X plant has been announced. 
Svend Knudsen Elektrikeren Thy is welcoming that development with open arms as sustainability and sustainable materials is a key focus area for their business. The company is currently developing a sustainable business strategy and guidance from a supplier such as NKT is crucial: “We put a lot of effort into developing our solutions to support sustainability. The supplier relationship is enabling us to offer our clients sustainable products and the newest knowledge on the market. It provides a sense of security to be able to make use of our great relation with NKT in this area as well” says Jarl Knudsen.

It simply makes sense – not to mention value – to maintain a high level of trust between our business and our supplier. And it makes my job easier that NKT is easy to work with.

— Jarl Knudsen