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Digitalizing our project documentation in Australia

Jul 23, 2021

How do you digitalize your project documentation? In Australia, we have done just that with Fluix. Our on-site quality and safety systems there now run 100% paperless, thus reducing the time of each to fill documents by 69%.

Production Nordenham
In Australia, we have taken our project documentation digitally by implementing the software Fluix. Working 100% paperless now, we have already achieved remarkable time and cost savings when filling Quality Assurance Installation checklist. With the Fluix software our digital systems were up and running almost seamlessly with the help from a local 3rd party IT company within a month.

The Challenge

Due to the bulk of the work being in rural areas, our employees in Australia operate on the more extreme side of the remote working scale. They often spread out across Australia and New Zealand, so it's not uncommon for them to spend up to 250 days off-site. Therefore - before working with Fluix - we received the original project document portfolio months after the works had been completed, only to find damaged documents, incorrectly filled forms, or missing signatures. Then spending time and effort again searching, creating, and correcting documents when staff returned from a project. To improve efficiency and productivity, we were looking at opportunities to take our on-site quality and safety systems paperless.
Prior to deciding for a digital documentation tool, it was agreed on three components that should be met:
  • Simplify set up and easy-to-use with little tech-savviness required of field technicians
  • Enable capturing data from pdf forms possible - anytime, anywhere
  • Be cost-effective and generate ROI over time

The Outcome

With the use of the Fluix software, project documentation is now automatically generated with ease, translating into a more efficient and productive project documentation. Our field staff now take tablet computers to sites and once daily or task-based forms are completed, we receive them in real time. Within just 12 month, our ROI was realised through workflow efficiencies, and the overall gains through the software's digital data analytics, embedded photos and GPS data is something that could never have been achieved previously with paper forms. The most impressive win is the time saving. We achieved a staggering 69% time reduction on each Quality Assurance Installation checklist. As a side effect, the paperless work helps us in getting a bit closer to our target of becoming a net-zero emissions company by no later than 2050. 

Before going digital

  • A fragmented workforce in remote locations with varying file access
  • Heavy reliance on physical documents – files, forms, sheets
  • Misplaced, incomplete, or incorrectly filled forms
  • Time-consuming, repetitive admin tasks
  • No paperwork tracing system or electronic data capture in place, resulting in backlogs and delays

After going digital

  • Time spent on filling out documents reduced by 69%
  • 100% paperless operations with document flow automation
  • Accountability and real-time tracking of form completions
  • Accessing and storing documents, both offline and online
  • Reduced effort required from staff to complete admin tasks due to i.e. instant online document forwarding and pre-filled forms
To receive more information, contact Lachlan Jamieson.