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Do you know what’s hiding in your wall?

Sep 29, 2022

Cables are probably the last thing on your mind when renovating or building a new home. If it even crosses your mind at all. But it might actually be worth paying attention to the cables hiding in your wall as better cables ensure a longer life span and reduce the house’s environmental impact.

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In any modern house or apartment, the focal point is that the electrical installation covers the household’s need for electricity for e.g. lighting and appliances as well as the technical installations such as heat pumps, EV chargers etc.
The installer has always played an important role in terms of planning and overseeing the electrical installations in order to ensure the installation is sufficient for both the household’s and the house’s needs. Both when the house is finished as well as the years to come. Today, the installer plays the same role, but the focus has shifted from just the installation itself and to the components it’s made of.
Through many years of installations, the installation company Ølholm El has obtained extensive knowledge of the many options their clients are facing when building a new house. That has taught them how important it is to keep track of the industry development in order to guide the clients. Factors such as sustainability and minimization of consumption have grown increasingly important.
construction site cables hanging out of the wall
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construction site cables hanging out the wall
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NKT cables ensure high quality
One component that’s key in every single electrical installation is a cable. Therefore, Ølholm El has chosen to work with cables that live up to the highest standards in terms of quality and sustainability.
“We’re applying NKT cables in all our projects and we’ve done so for years. If we use other products that are more fragile, the consequences can be quite dire as we can’t just change the cables again afterwards. It’s extremely important that we can rely on the products and their durability. NKT’s cables allow us to do so” - says Kurt Aagaard, Managing Director at Ølholm El.
Ølholm El are responsible for the electricity in all newly constructed Preben Jørgensen Houses. By choosing cables from NKT for these houses, Ølholm Øl ensures that the cables are of the highest quality and don’t contain harmful chemicals. So when the home’s installations are to be changed or updated one day, the metal and plastic in the cables can be disassembled and the entire products can be reused.
So even though the cables aren’t visible to the naked eye, they’re pretty easy to spot on the environmental balance sheet once the construction is done.

It’s extremely important that we can rely on the products and their durability. NKT’s cables allow us to do so.

— Kurt Aagaard, Managing Director at Ølholm El