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Europacable: We need to connect Europe in more and smarter grids

Nov 28, 2017

NKT took part in the Grid Day hosted by Europacable and T&D Europe focusing on building the European smart grid needed to leverage the renewable energy produced in Europe.

Grid Day conference hosted by Europacable
The world of energy is changing and we need Europe to be connected in more and smarter grids so we can utilize the current opportunities from the energy transition. The message was clear on the first joint policy event hosted by Europacable and T&D Europe.
As a leading cable provider, NKT is an active member of Europacable and supported the Grid Day taking place at 22 November. For Kristoffer Friis Gleberg, Head of Group Marketing & Commercial Excellence at NKT and Chairman of the Europacable Communication Team, the event was a perfect platform to drive communication agenda of Europacable with a focus on creating the foundation to ensure a European grid ready for the needs of tomorrow.
Active, transparent communication is central for Europacable. We strive to be the key source of information about wire and cable technology as well as about our industry in Europe. The Grid Day was a great event to underline the importance of a Europe wide Grid improvement initiative as well as to communicate the vital role played by the cable industry in today’s energy transition, says Kristoffer Friis Gleberg.
Joint ventures for the future
Industry initiatives as the Grid Day are crucial to reach the goal of an interconnected Europe according to Raul Gil, Chairman of the Europacable Energy Team:
Europe needs more and smarter grids to fully leverage on the opportunities stemming from the Energy transition we´re currently witnessing. Submarine and underground cables will be the core backbone of our future gird architecture.” He stressed: “Together with our friends from T&D Europe, our industry is ready to deliver high-quality, cutting edge technology solutions to truly interconnect Europe. We are fully committed in working with all partners to making Europe´s integrated energy market a genuine success.
Set against the background of the Clean Energy Package and the recently published report of the Expert Group on Electricity Interconnection Targets, the policy event gathered some 80 senior experts from Brussels and across the European Union. Following the opening key note speech by European Commission Director for Energy Policy, Mrs Megan Richards, the conference opened to two panel debates discussing the following questions:
  • What kind of grids do we need in the future to interconnect all Member states? How do we get them built on time?
  • Which technologies can make them smart and efficient?
In the subsequent discussion, the joint Europacable and T&D Europe policy event served as a unique forum contributing to develop the most suitable legislative and regulatory framework to build Europe´s best grid using all available technologies made in Europe.