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Failure of a high-voltage cable is bad enough

Apr 5, 2019

NKT Insights: Managing supplier conflict during an already costly cable failure is not a situation cable operators want to be in. Avoid it by placing all responsibilities with one trusted service partner.

Power cable repairs
Power cables are highly reliable technology. But accidents do occur and when they do, they cause costly breakdowns and power loss. Then, it is urgent to repair the link to get it back online fast.
Cable repairs involve many different parties, including marine contractors, vessel operators, the cable manufacturer, and others. Everyone must know exactly what to do, and when. Best case, repairs run smoothly and efficiently.
Unfortunately, that's not always the case. What if two suppliers have different views on how to solve a problem? Who do you trust? Issues may arise that are outside your area of expertise. Situations in the grey zone, where there is no clear right or wrong. While responsibilities are being investigated, customers are left without power supply. The cable operator’s money is drained out in the form of loss of income, management costs or penalties.
Properly managing interfaces is a secure way to avoid conflict in cable repairs. Determining responsibilities in advance – in one overriding contract with a trusted partner – before the accident occurs and repairs must be initiated. As a cable manufacturer and service provider for more than 80 years, NKT is highly qualified to manage interfaces – offering cable operators fast, secure and cost effective power cable repairs.