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Get to know our expert for OEM customers: Jan Malte Witthohn

Apr 8, 2022

Jan Malte Witthohn is our Key Account Manager for OEM customers. In his daily business he often deals with busbar systems which are used to carry large amounts of currents and are mostly installed in switchgears. Typically, busbars consist of a copper or aluminium core, but we at NKT have developed a soultion that combines both materials, allowing for a reduction in weight and costs.

What is your role at NKT?

I am Jan Malte Witthohn and I joined NKT in January 2021 as Key Account Manager for the accessories business. I am located in the northern part of Germany, in the facility of Nordenham. Electrical things have always attracted my attention, so I am happy to be part of NKT now and integrate some parts of my personal interestes into my daily business at work.

How does your daily work look like?

I am part of a team that takes care of the OEM customers. As these customers often have special inquries due to their very specific and unique products, mainly switchgears, my task is to support them in finding and offering the best solution for them. One of the key elements here is the busbar system that is used quite often by our OEM customers. During a typical project I discuss the project scope with the customer, make a study of feasibility, select the right material and also the production method.

What is special about the busbar systems?

To fulfill the requirements of our customers, two things are of utmost importance when it comes to busbars: the selected material and an efficient production method. Busbars are typically made out of a copper or aluminum core. At NKT we have just developed a new solution that combines both materials, the so-called bi-metal CUPAL busbar system. This solution combines the benefits of both materials and allows to save costs and weight due to its special composition.