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Helping to build the green revolution: NKT supplies terminations for new Northvolt factory

Nov 14, 2020

NKT Accessories has been chosen to supply the terminations for the new Northvolt factory in Skellefteå (Sweden).

The Northvolt factory represents Sweden's largest industrial investment since the turn of the millennium and is driven by the ambition to help Europe's transition to renewable energy. NKT Accessories will supply the terminations to the factory.
Parts supplied so far are 36 kV fittings for cables with a cross section of 630 mm2 or 120 mm2. They include CSE‑A elbow connectors, CSEP‑A elbow branch connectors and SOT cable terminations. Jonny Runa from our Swedish sales team has already trained and certified employees at Skellefteå-based electrical firm Nordelektro, who will install the NKT fittings on the Northvolt build.

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