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HexaCon – the new cable connector with stepless shear bolts

Jul 6, 2021

We have joined forces with Ensto to develop a new connection technology that offers safe and easy installation, exceptional reliability and cost savings. Find out what makes the new family of connectors – the HexaCon – so special and how it came about.

It’s no secret that installing cables underground often means working in highly challenging conditions. So it’s vital that the cable accessories being used make the cable jointer’s job as easy as possible. Our new cable connector with stepless shear bolts does precisely that.
One of the problems of shear bolts has always been the ability for them to shear at the wrong point. Thanks to our patented bolt design with stepless shearing, the bolt always shears at precisely the right point during installation. This eliminates dangerous sharp edges and reduces the potential for incorrect installation.
Installation is also quick and easy as it can be carried out without the need for any special tools. What’s more, since the bolt shears in precisely the right place every time, there is no need to hammer or grind the bolt after it has broken.
Quick installation also means cost savings, and since the new connector can be used with a vast array of cables of varying cross-sections, this makes it even more cost-effective as there is no need to keep lots of different connectors in stock.
Finally, its sturdy construction and superior quality mean it is extremely reliable, ensuring the long-lasting quality of the contact. Another innovative feature, a semi-conductive cap, makes installation faster and provides a seal over the ends of the shorn-off bolts, so it is no longer necessary to add mastic to the bolt.
Here at NKT, we used our technical expertise to devise the initial concept and design the connector. In an exciting collaboration, Finnish company Ensto then produced prototypes and subjected the component to strict laboratory testing.
The connector is currently available in three different sizes, while further sizes will be added to the product line over the course of 2021 and 2022. It is suitable for heat-shrink and cold-shrink cable accessories, aluminium and copper conductors, round and sector-shaped conductors and both solid and stranded conductors.