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Installers experience increased customer demand for sustainable cable solutions

Feb 3, 2022

Despite Corona, the electrical services industry is busy, and this is a fact at one of NKT´s customers, the Danish installation company Hahn & Damgaard. They need information and simple guidelines to make it easy for them to choose sustainable processes and materials. They get that from NKT.

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Hahn & Damgaard provides high-quality electrical repairs, maintenance and improvement services for customers of all sizes in both the private and the public sectors. They offer the full range of renewable energy products, such as solar cells and electric vehicle charging points.
They also face the fact that it becomes increasingly important to their customers to do business with companies offering sustainable solutions, as this is what the end consumer demands. Indeed, climate and climate policy are high on the agenda and installation companies are facing increasing sustainability requirements by 2030. However, the main challenge of sustainability is that it is time-consuming due to additional administration. 
"We carry out tasks for e.g. electric car users, setting up charging stations in private homes, at workplaces and at public buildings. It is important that I can vouch for the products I use and that I can be a serious partner to my customers. My small installation company does not know much about how individual building materials affect the environment or indoor climate. We need information and simple guidelines to make it easy for us to choose sustainable processes and materials," says Poul Henningsen, Managing Director at Hahn & Damgaard. 
That's why Poul only uses NKT products, as he knows he can get advice and guidelines that document and support the installation solutions he offers to his customers.
We have a responsibility
When small and medium-sized installers find that it is not easy to choose the sustainable path, this is also a challenge for NKT. 
"In the coming years, over 200 million euros worth of charging stations will be installed throughout Denmark. We work to educate and advise our customers on more environmentally friendly and green solutions as we want to support the electrical installation business and explain what it really means to buy cables from NKT. We need to help installers and create a framework that allows them, for example, to avoid spending excessive time in front of the computer documenting the solutions they use, when they could instead spend time on site creating value for their customers," says Henrik Sørensen, Sales, Wholesale/Installer at NKT.
Poul adds: "The interest in sustainability has exploded and in society there is broad consensus about where we need to go – the question is how. Someone needs to have the courage to take the lead, and I am willing to do so. Climate is everyone's responsibility, and as an installer we do our part by creating energy-saving electricity solutions. It's all about consideration, sustainability and common sense.
Making a green difference
Many companies – including electrical installation companies – are working to ensure that all direct suppliers only supply products and services that are based on 100% renewable energy, otherwise they will look for other suppliers. 
“An important part of our job is to enhance practices and projects that support and meet our customers in becoming more sustainable. The implementation of our sustainability agenda takes place in our entire value chain. As a cable producer we firmly believe in the importance of sustainability, we want our customers to know that we care about the planet and we are actively taking actions to reduce our impact on the environment and to strengthen our social impact,” says Marco Mezzadra, Project Manager Sustainability & Improvement Projects, Applications Program Management in NKT.
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Climate is everyone's responsibility, and as an installer we do our part by creating energy-saving electricity solutions

— Poul Henningsen