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Introducing the new Array Cable Termination System (ACTS) for offshore wind farms

Jul 6, 2021

We know our way around offshore wind farms. And we know the technical challenges they pose. That’s why we are proud to have a portfolio of tailor-made solutions for offshore applications. Discover our latest product development – the Array Cable Termination System (ACTS).

Dogger Bank
Why do our customers in the offshore wind industry choose us? Because they know we can rise to the challenge of ensuring that the various elements in their wind farm will all work together seamlessly, with exceptional reliability and safety.
Cable accessories may be a small and inexpensive element in an offshore wind project, but choosing the wrong ones can have a significant impact on every aspect of a wind farm’s operation – and at considerable cost.
So it’s no surprise that our cable accessories can be found in most offshore wind farms in operation today. What’s more, we have already been named as the chosen supplier for several projects that are still in the early stages of planning.
As a result of this extensive experience, we don’t just provide a modified onshore product. Instead, we have a portfolio of tailor-made solutions that have been tried and tested in the offshore wind environment.
We offer our customers a comprehensive range of connectors, joints, surge arrestors, termination systems, pre-terminated cables and even assembly tools covering every single part of a wind turbine – from the nacelle to the foundation.
Our range of offshore wind products is both extensive and comprehensive and is constantly evolving thanks to input from our customers, enabling us to provide a solution that works not just with our own cables but with our competitors’ cables, too. This allows our customers to benefit from our accessories even if we are not their preferred cable supplier.

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing new solutions for the offshore wind industry of the future, we are proud to present a new innovative product: The Array Cable Termination System (ACTS)

The ACTS is the latest termination system to be added to our product portfolio. We have already supplied it as part of a high-profile offshore wind project in the North Sea – even before our official product launch. The system boasts exceptional flexibility and a whole host of practical features to enable easy installation with minimal disruption.
A removeable edge and base plate make for easy cable handling, for example, while the layout of the cabinet allows individual turbines to be bypassed. This ensures downtimes are kept to a minimum while turbines are being erected. What’s more, the wind farm can also be put online before installation of the wind turbines is complete.
The system also features separate compartments for individual phases. Multiple compartment configurations are also possible depending on the space available on the foundation.

Further highlights include:

  • A predefined interconnection point for submarine cables, enabling submarine cables to be tested and handover to be completed following installation but before the turbine is erected
  • ‘Easy earthing’ of specific sections of cabling in the wind farm – e.g. infield cable screens
  • An integrated bushing for connecting submarine and tower cables

For any further details, please contact Björn Spiers.

Björn Spiers
Head of Competence Center Wind Power Cable Accessories
Bjoern Spiers Portrait