New MV cable with superior corrosion protection

May 6, 2019

NKT has just launched a new and improved version of our AXAL-TT cable setting new standards for corrosion protection of aluminum core cables.

Image of AXAL TT Endurance
AXAL-TT was launched to the market in 2003. The unique cable concept is environmental friendly and saves money for the DSOs through a single metal and robust multilayer sheath cable design for efficient installation in multiple ground conditions. 
AXAL-TT 3.0 provides a long termed, durable and innovative solution with the best in class corrosion protection of the aluminum screen. With the new improved water tightness and measuring performance on version 3.0 we really see the cable features at an even higher level says Ingvar Hagman Product Manager for Applications in Sweden and Finland. 
AXAL-TT is applicable for fixed installation in soil, water and piping and can be used for voltage levels from 12 kV to 36 kV. 
For more information please reach out to your normal NKT contact.
AXAL-TT key facts
  • Designed for tough conditions Due to the extra durable multilayer sheathing with a hard, outer layer in PE composite and a shock absorbing inner layer, the cable is suitable for installation in the most challenging environments, at low temperatures, in water and byuse of large entrepreneur machines.  
  • Needs no external protection The protective properties of the cable also provide the possibility for the DSO’s to install it without external cable protection. This makes investment in the innovative AXAL-TT cable technology even more attractive.  
  • A quick and easy cable installation AXAL-TT has many added values for the installers during installation. The AXAL-TT is an easy-to-use product that from an installation, jointing and termination point of view simplifies on-site work.  
  • Can be trenched via ploughing – in existing material The installation period is faster because the cable can be trenched via ploughing, which is significantly faster, cheaper and more infrastructure and environmental friendly method compared to traditional methods, i.e. dig, burry and close of trench. Secondly there is no need to introduce controlled backfill or sand, which also contributes to a cost-efficient installation.  
  • Increased safety with shorter installation time Whether the AXAL-TT is to be installed as a roadside installation, or in more rough terrain, the unique features of the cable contributes to a faster work process with less inconvenience to land owners, road users and wildlife. The shorter installation time and use of less material for backfill also reduces the use of heavy equipment and provides a safer work environment.  
  • Easy to handle and to prepare for accessories Even though the sheath is constructed for installation in tough environment, it can easily be prepared for jointing or terminating of accessories via the integrated rip cord.

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