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NKT complete high-precision repair operation

Nov 30, 2017

NKT completed the repair of the Skagerrak 2 cable system between Norway and Denmark within the planned time schedule, enabling the power link between the two countries to be back in full operation.

Welding of a high voltage cable during an offshore service installation
The interconnector Skagerrak 2 between Kristiansand in Norway and Tjele in Denmark was damaged in end-July due to external impact. As announced on 23 October 2017, NKT was awarded the turnkey service repair order of the 250 kV mass impregnated (MI) high-voltage direct current (HVDC) offshore cable from the Norwegian system operator Statnett. NKT's scope of work comprised the complete repair operation following deburial of the cable carried out by Statnett's vessel Elektron.
Espen Kiær, project manager for the repair at Statnett says: 
NKT has carried out this repair project in a professional and efficient manner. Both the vessel NKT Victoria and the NKT team have proved to be well capable of handling offshore cable repairs. We have enjoyed working with NKT during this project.
The challenging weather conditions at the Skagerrak strait during this time of year combined with the urgency to get the cable back in operation, defined the requirements for the repair.
Oliver Schlodder, Executive Vice President and Head of Service and Accessories at NKT says:
Time and operational excellence are crucial in a service operation and we clearly start to see how Statnett and other customers benefit from a turnkey service operation. When handling all from planning to execution we can ensure maximum efficiency, smooth interfaces and lower risk.
The cable vessel NKT Victoria together with NKT in-house competences in marine and technical engineering, service operations and vessel operations ensured a high-quality plan which was essential for an efficient repair operation. 
Especially the capabilities of NKT Victoria with the dynamic positioning system (DP3) and marine advisory system optimized the execution of the high-precision jointing operation - ensuring that repair operations could be maintained also during somewhat challenging weather conditions. The Skagerrak 2 link was back in operation on 3 November 2017 within the planned time schedule.
NKT has an extensive track record of high-voltage cable service operations for both AC and DC for onshore and offshore applications. The service operation in Skagerrak is an example of the turnkey solutions NKT offer as a CIS provider (Cable System, Installation and Service) which allows for customers to have one partner throughout the lifetime of a cable system to increase project flexibility and lower execution risks and costs.
Pelle Fischer-Nielsen
External Communications Officer
Pelle Fischer Nielsen