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NKT has delivered cable system for the offshore grid connection Nordergründe

Dec 21, 2017

NKT has successfully commissioned and handed over the 155 kV high-voltage AC Nordergründe offshore wind transmission link on time to the Dutch-German transmission system operator TenneT.

Loading of AC Offshore cable on turn table
Via this offshore grid connection, the correspondent wind farm will be able to bring 111 MW of renewable energy to the German mainland.
The Nordergründe wind farm, located in the North Sea off the coast of Germany, is part of Energiewende, the German government´s strategy to increase the share of renewable energy in Germany’s energy mix. NKT has now successfully commissioned the 155 kV.
high-voltage cable system which will transmit enough offshore wind energy to cover the electricity needs of more than 100,000 households. The energy generated by the wind farm enables the replacement of fossil fuelled power generation and reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 500,000 tons per year. The project was started before NKT acquired the high-voltage cable business from ABB.
At the substation Inhausen, North of Wilhelmshaven, the power generated by the 18 offshore wind turbines was fed into the 220 kV grid for the first time on 31 October 2017. NKT provided the turnkey solution of cable system transmitting the green power to the mainland.
We are proud to support TenneT´s transformation of the energy transmission in Germany with our experience and high-skilled expertise in turnkey solutions. When having the total responsibility and by working closely with our customer and suppliers, we can ensure higher efficiency and lower risks in the project interfaces, says Michael Hedegaard Lyng, President & CEO of NKT.
The turnkey project for NKT included design, engineering, supply and installation of the 155 kV underground and offshore cable system, the onshore and offshore shunt reactors, the onshore 155/220 kV power transformer and the extension of an existing 220 kV substation. The cable system comprises 3x4 km of single-core AC underground cable and 28 km of three core AC submarine cable with integrated fiber optics, produced at the cable factory in Karlskrona, Sweden.
NKT has an extensive track record of turnkey high-voltage cable system solutions for both AC and DC for offshore wind applications. The Nordergründe project is an example of the turnkey solutions NKT offers as a CIS provider (Cable System, Installation and Service) which allows for customers to have one partner throughout the lifetime of a cable system to increase project flexibility and lower execution risks and costs.

Pelle Fischer-Nielsen

External Communications Officer
Pelle Fischer Nielsen