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NKT is part of industry campaign to boost CPR awareness

May 22, 2019

Fire safety is an industry responsibility and as a member NKT actively supports the new awareness campaign launched by Europacable. The campaign supports the European installers and electricians in complying with the CPR classification ensuring fire safety in power cables.

Low voltage cable being tested in accordance with CPR regulations
In 2017, the CPR regulations was introduced as a new mandatory classification to describe the fire performance of construction products. This means, that all cables used in any type of building and civil works are subject to the CPR unless they are specifically designed for temporary installations.
Europacable now provides all stakeholders with useful information to meet their individual responsibilities to comply with the CPR to ensure the safety of electrical installations.
Part of the campaign is a free online training with quick and easy access to relevant knowledge on CPR. Get ready to take responsibility – find e-learning on CPR here: https://cpr.europacable.euu