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NKT Lighthouse – a beacon for the green transformation

Jul 1, 2021

The 150-meter-high tower being built at NKT’s high-voltage power cable factory in Karlskrona, Sweden, has now been officially named the NKT Lighthouse.

Tower Karlskrona
The extrusion tower, NKT is building as part of an ongoing expansion of its high-voltage factory is now named the NKT Lighthouse as it will stand as a landmark for the city of Karlskrona, a greener world and the future growth of NKT.
- This is a great name. The tower is built to meet the growing demand for high-voltage power cables driven by the transition to renewable energy and will stand as a lighthouse guiding us all in a more sustainable direction. It has also been great to see the passion from the people submitting suggestions for the tower which also will be a local monument of the ongoing development of the city, says Executive Vice President Claes Westerlind heading the Swedish part of the high-voltage business in NKT.
The name has been selected by representatives from NKT and the municipality of Karlskrona after close to 400 suggestions were submitted in a naming competition. NKT Lighthouse was suggested by the local resident Måns Kyhlbäck and he has now won a Karlskrona lamp and lunch at the top of the NKT Lighthouse next year when the construction is fully finalized.
The NKT Lighthouse will be 150 meters high when reaching its full height and plays a key part in the process of adding insulation to the high-voltage power cables produced at the factory in Karlskrona.
The name was officially announced by Sandra Bizzozero from the municipality of Karlskrona and Claes Westerlind from NKT at a ceremony at Karlskrona naval museum.