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NKT signs contract to deliver medium-voltage power cables to upgrade Iceland’s power grid

Dec 14, 2023

NKT has received an order from the Icelandic transmission systems operator (TSO) Landsnet covering more than 200 km of 66 kV power cables for the ongoing development of the island’s power grid. With 100% of Iceland’s electrical energy coming from renewable sources, this upgrade will increase access to electricity and strengthen security of supply during often difficult winters.

Power cables are the backbone of today’s electricity systems and key to meet the increasing demands driven by the transition to renewable energy. To ensure reliable power distribution, the Icelandic TSO Landsnet is upgrading the island’s power grid and has selected NKT to deliver more than 200 km of 66 kV medium-voltage power cables for five projects across the island.
The choice of 66 kV reflected Landsnet’s need for a cable that can meet Iceland’s harsh installation environment. NKT has a long track record of delivering low- and medium-voltage power cables to the Icelandic market and are familiar with the requirements.
- We are proud to be working with Landsnet and supporting their efforts to upgrade and modernize their grid. TSO’s and DSO’s across Europe are making large investments in their grids to ensure they are efficient and resilient and can better support the increasing electricity demands, says Carlos Fernandez, Executive Vice President and Head of Applications in NKT.
For Landsnet, the continued collaboration is important to the ongoing development of the power grid.
- We have a strong relationship with NKT and know their cables well. They have provided us with cables for a large part of our MV cable system and have proven resilient to Iceland’s tough conditions. Every year we work towards upgrading and adding to the grid. This order is another step in that direction which helps modernize Iceland’s electricity grid and support our end users with more efficient and reliable electricity delivery, says Landsnet’s Executive Vice President, Nils Gústavsson.
Delivery of the power cables is expected to be completed in Q1 2024.
Key facts:
  • Customer: Landsnet
  • Delivery schedule: Q1 2024
  • Cable type: 66 kV medium voltage power cables
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Pelle Fischer-Nielsen
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