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NKT to deliver onshore power cables system to complete the Beckomberga-Bredäng expansion of the power grid in Stockholm

Dec 20, 2019

NKT has been awarded a contract to supply the high-voltage onshore power cables for the Beckomberga-Bredäng project in Stockholm, Sweden. In August this year, NKT also won the sea-section of this project to replace overhead lines with 420 kV high-voltage AC power cables between the city quarters of Beckomberga and Bredäng. The full project comprises one of the planned expansions of the local power grid to meet a growing power demand.

NKT worker installing HV cable
The Swedish Distribution System Operator, Ellevio, is one of three power system operators behind the project “Stockholm Ström”, which is formed to ensure a stable and sufficient power supply for future generations in the Swedish capital, which sees a growing population. 
The onshore power cable system is awarded by Ellevio to NKT in a consortium with Craftor AB. NKT is to supply approx. 60 km 420 kV high-voltage AC onshore power cables and carry out jointing as well as termination works of the power cable system. Craftor AB will supply communication cables and provide civil works of these as well as for the power cables and rebuilding of the substations. The NKT contract value for the onshore power cable systems amounts to approx. EUR 32m (approx. DKK 240m) corresponding to approx. EUR 25m (approx. DKK 186m) in standard metal prices.
Combined with the sea-section of the project awarded to NKT in August 2019 the total Beckomberga-Bredäng project has a contract value for NKT of approx. EUR 67m (approx. DKK 500m) corresponding to approx. EUR 57m (approx. DKK 426m) in standard metal prices.
- We are pleased that Ellevio has now chosen NKT as power cable provider for the full Beckomberga-Bredäng project to benefit from our long-term experience with power grid expansions. Both in Sweden and in neighbour markets we see grid expansion needs to support not only a stable and sustainable power supply but also to support political ambitions of CO2 reduction, more electrical cars and heat pumps, says Claes Westerlind, NKT Executive Vice President and Head of high-voltage solutions in Karlskrona, Sweden.
The onshore power cables are planned to be manufactured at the NKT factory in Cologne, Germany expectedly in 2020 with anticipated project completion in 2022.
When commissioned, the Beckomberga-Bredäng connection will be operated by Ellevio at a 220 kV level. In addition, the connection is prepared for future grid expansion at a higher voltage level to avoid additional power cable laying at a later stage.

Pelle Fischer-Nielsen

External Communications Officer
Pelle Fischer Nielsen