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NKT wins high-voltage power cable order to connect two oil and gas platforms in Norway

Jul 11, 2019

NKT has been awarded a turnkey project from Lundin Norway AS for the 132 kV high-voltage power cable connecting the Edvard Grieg oil and gas production platform to the Johan Sverdrup field center. The power cable solution will finalize the Utsira High Power Hub Project to power several oil and gas fields with renewable power from shore.

NKT Victoria installing an High voltage DC cable for the Johan Sverdrup platform
Lundin Norway AS has selected NKT as the turnkey supplier for the high-voltage power cable solution connecting the oil and gas platform Edvard Grieg to the Johan Sverdrup field center in the North Sea. With the order of 24 km of 132 kV AC XLPE high-voltage power cable, NKT continues to support the focus on lowering the environmental impact of the oil and gas fields included in the Utsira High Power Hub Project. The connection of the two installations enables Lundin Norway AS to benefit from the already planned power link in conjunction with phase 2 of the Johan Sverdrup development. The link connecting Johan Sverdrup phase 2 to the onshore power grid is currently under development by NKT. 
- We are pleased to be working with Lundin Norway for the first time supporting their dedicated work to reduce the environmental impact of the oil and gas production with power from shore. With the connection of the two platforms, we confirm our strong market position in the oil and gas segment and the importance of our reliability in terms of cable and installation quality. We are proud to support the growing industry focus on reducing the CO2 emissions having a key differentiator in our ability to provide the most energy efficient offshore installation driven by the capabilities of our cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria, says Andreas Berthou, Executive Vice President and Head of HV Solutions in NKT.
NKT has extensive experience providing in power from shore solutions to the oil and gas industry and has delivered the power cable solutions for several of the connections ensuring the electrification of the fields included in the Utsira High Power Hub Project. 
Here, key NKT projects are the power cable link already powering the Johan Sverdrup phase 1 development from shore, and the planned power link connecting Johan Sverdrup phase 2 to the onshore power grid. This link will furthermore be leveraged to electrify the fields of Gina Krog and Edvard Grieg with power cable connections to Johan Sverdrup 2, also to be delivered by NKT.  
The high-voltage power cable project connecting Edvard Grieg to Johan Sverdrup 2 is expected to be commissioned in 2022. The project will complete the Utsira High Power Hub Project aiming to electrify the oil and gas fields Johan Sverdrup, Gina Krog, Ivar Aasen and Edvard Grieg located on Utsira High in the North Sea.