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NKT wins order to connect large Danish solar farm to the power grid

May 14, 2020

The Danish utility N1 is preparing to connect the Danish solar farm Vandel III to the power grid to support the transition to renewable energy. NKT has won the order of approximately 135 km of high-voltage power cables to reinforce the local power grid to ensure efficient distribution.

sun cable installation sustanability
NKT has been awarded the order for 135 km 72 kV XLPE power cable to connect the Danish solar farm Vandel III to the power grid. When fully operational Vandel III will be one of Europe’s biggest solar farms with a production capacity of 152.000 MWh which is enough to cover the supply for 34.000 households. For NKT, the project win marks one of the biggest orders for solar power and it clearly highlights the importance of reinforcing the power grid to meet the growing amount of renewable energy in the energy mix.
-  We are proud to support N1 with an upgraded infrastructure for one of the most ambitious solar power projects in the Nordics. A reinforced power grid is essential if we are to make the global transition to renewable energy a success and huge infrastructure investments are required in all areas of the power grid to ensure sufficient capacity for efficient power distribution, says Stefan Persson, Head of Sales in Applications covering low- and medium-voltage power cables in NKT.
For the utility N1 reinforcing the power grid is essential as more renewable energy needs to be integrated in the grid.
- The transition to renewable energy is a natural part of our everyday life in N1 and we see more and more projects like Vandel III. To ensure a successful integration it is important for us to constantly reinforce the power grid to support the green transformation as well as maintaining our high distribution security to our 750,000 grid customers, says Daniel Skovsbo Erichsen, Director and VP for Business Management and Market Support in N1.
NKT will produce the power cable at the company’s factories in Asnæs, Denmark, and Falun, Sweden, with expected delivery in 2020. N1 is one of the largest utilities in Denmark powering 750,000 households and businesses.  
Pelle Fischer-Nielsen
External Communications Officer
Pelle Fischer Nielsen