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Practicing what you preach comes to the ultimate test when building an NKT tower with NKT cables

Aug 24, 2022

NKT’s new production tower, the NKT Lighthouse, is currently under construction at the high voltage cable factory in Karlskrona. When finished, it will be the third highest building in Sweden and it requires a massive amount of building wires in order to operate 17 floors of production and office facilities.

NKT Lighthouse
The NKT Lighthouse stands 150 meters tall and provides the people inside with a magnificent view of the coast. When in operation, high voltage cables needed to meet a growing demand and to enable the transition to renewable electricity in society will be produced in this tower.
It goes without saying that the extrusion tower, that is built to produce the cables of the highest voltage level in the industry, should be built using NKT high quality building wires.
Cables for different purposes
Like a nervous system, building wires are installed and run through the tower to power machinery, lights and appliances. The building wires are installed by Assemblin, a leading installation company with long experience in green technology and smart buildings. The cables of choice for the project together with smart innovations come from NKT. The cables are brought to the installation area with the help of the NKT Qaddy©, the sustainable and reusable cable trolley, loaded with installation cable,  which allows the installer to easily bring the material close to the workspace and feed cable as it is being pulled out.
NKT Lighthouse
NKT Lighthouse
NKT Lighthouse
NKT’s various cables fulfil different requirements for both production facilities and conference rooms.
The NKT EXQ Xtra is a standard building wire found in modern facilities with an innovative breakable sheath for exfoliation. It makes working with it easier and safer with reduced risk of damaging the conductors. For more capacity and an aluminum screen the variant EXLQ Xtra allows for 450/750 V.
For 1 kV applications the RXQ Xtra cable is chosen for the project. This NKT Premium Cable features a rugged sheath, resistant to damages while being thin, smooth and flexible. The innovative scaling thread inside the cable enables easy cable stripping and secures best possible working environment and lifelong durability.
At NKT, we believe that we offer one of the greatest and most safe selection of cable solutions in the market. But it’s reassuring that the professional installers think the same as you can see in the video below from the project. The sky seems to be the limit for the NKT Lighthouse and we can’t wait to see it finished later this year.