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Q-solutions. Making every day easier.

May 8, 2022

All electricians know how heavy and unmanageable it is to carry cables. We want to help the pros to do a good job without risking back and shoulders. That’s why we have put a lot of effort into Q-solutions - our ergonomic cable packaging.

Q-solutions. Designed for the eletricians working days.
Q-solutions are an innovative way to improve safety and productivity for installers.While each solution helps improve productivity on its own, when used as a complete system it significantly reduces installation time, margins and labour associated with wire and cable installations.
So quit working harder, choose quality cable solutions instead and get the job done quicker; Qaddy®, Qable Box, Quick coil & QarryTM.
Advantages: Ergonomic/Easy handling Time saving/Functionality Hygienic/Less waste/Recyclable
NKT Q Solutions Quick coil construction site
NKT Q Solutions Qaddy construction site
NKT Q Solutions Qarry construction site
All products in the Q-solutions series are designed to improve performance through flexibility and userfriendliness. 
  • Qaddy is an integrated cable reel, pay-off and drum trolley which significantly improves the working conditions for electricians with its revolutionary ergonomic design.
  • Qable Box is easy to stable, to keep track of inventory and provides a good overview of your products in the car. Qable box makes it quick and easy for you to handle cables
  • Quick Coil is used in projects where you need to use big amounts of pre-drawn wires, and have big amounts of cardboard packaging. 
  • Qarry is a unique packaging for cable coils, which changes the way we handle cables fundamentally. With stable cardboard, Qarry reinforces the plastic around the cable coil.
Q-solutions. Designed for the eletricians working days.