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Qaddy proved its value

Jul 11, 2022

Qaddy made the workflow both easier and faster at a Danish installation company.

NKT en lys ide bojsen el qaddy story person van
Full calendars and lot of new of new tasks. On the face of it, this is sweet music to any business' ears, but with the busyness of our industry these years comes a responsibility to choose the smartest solutions and streamline employees' working day. NKT can help with just that, as installer Hans experienced after bringing Qaddy to work.
A Bright Idea
Qaddy is an integrated cable reel, unwinder and drum trolley that has improved working conditions for electricians over the past 12 years with its revolutionary ergonomic design. However, installer Hans from the company En Lys Idé (A Bright Idea) didn't immediately see the idea in the Qaddy from NKT. That is, until he tried it out.
"Of course I had heard about Qaddy, but never tried it. Until one day I couldn't get hold of the cable I usually use, then I decided to take Qaddy on a job. I then had to agree, because Qaddy proved to be of enormous value and made our workflow both easier and faster. It's not the last time I've used it" - says Hans with a smile.
NKT en lys ide bojsen el qaddy story person van
Qaddy green handles
Qaddy green handles
Focus on smarter solutions
Fortunately, Hans is not alone. With increased busyness in the industry, there has also been an increased focus on employee time efficiency and the working environment. More and more people are prioritising taking good care of their employees, with an eye on the total result rather than just a low price per metre.
That's why NKT has introduced Q-Solutions - a range of products that contribute to a better working environment for electricians. Because we believe that smart solutions enable people to work smarter and more efficiently. Fortunately, the industry seems to agree with us.

Qaddy viste sig at give enormt meget værdi og gjorde vores arbejdsflow både nemmere og hurtigere. Det er ikke sidste gang, jeg har brugt den.

— Hans Nielsen, En lys idé A/S.