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Reaping the benefits of automated testing at our Nordenham site

Feb 5, 2021

At our MV cable accessories production site in Nordenham, we have extended our offer of automated testing.

High-quality products and solutions require sophisticated quality-assurance measures. So as a supplier that prides itself on the high quality of the products and solutions it supplies to the energy sector, we have adopted cutting-edge process automation at our plant in Nordenham. Upon customers' request we can offer a 100% testing of all cable accessories ordered by this respective customer.

State-of-the-art technology

Our Nordenham site now makes use of sophisticated automation technology to carry out tests on the medium voltage cable accessories that are produced there. State-of-the-art multi-stage testing stations have been installed at the plant, performing high-precision, automated AC testing and partial discharge testing – both on connector systems and straight joints. The new testing system also allows test results to be filtered and analysed, enabling NKT technicians to pinpoint any faults and identify potential product improvements. This information can then be fed back to the R&D team, allowing them to incorporate this valuable knowledge in their product development work.

A multitude of benefits

Automated processes enable the highest level of operational safety and reliability of our products. This comes at a time when reliable energy transmission and distribution is becoming even more important to connect power supplies all over the world. Ultimately, these advantages will benefit our customers. And as a company that believes strongly in the importance of customer satisfaction and customer confidence in NKT, if our customers are happy, we’re happy too.