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Responsive dialogue is key to a good partnership

Jun 30, 2022

The installation company Umia in Stockholm is working to complete 1 400 apartments and townhouses around Stockholm. In five different construction projects, they chose NKT as partner for the delivery of both installation cables and ducts. From both sides, the open dialogue has been much appreciated.

Umia in Stockholm is an installation company for smart energy solutions, from electricity to pipes. For them, cross-border cooperation is vital, and they work themselves according to the Umia model, where they see all energy technology areas as a coherent unit. This means that customers, suppliers and wholesalers only have one contact person, regardless of how many areas are included in the project.
- Having a good dialogue is crucial for a successful project, and we have had that with NKT since the start. In some apartments we have needed different technical special solutions. NKT showed early on that they have the will and ambition to develop solutions that suit our needs. That sensitivity in combination with a wide product range made us chose NKT, says Jan Stenberg, designer at Umia and who has been involved since the beginning of the project.
nkt umia construction site cable connecting construction site
nkt umia employees construction site
nkt umia empoyees contruction site talking
Smooth cooperation
Umia's special way of working has also been appreciated by NKT. Per Blomkvist is KAM for installers and industry and became early involved in the construction projects with Umia.
- There are not many who work as Umia does, with all disciplines present in the projects - including the design, i.e., that they produce a complete documentation based on the framework description. For us, it will be easy and smooth only to work with one entity, not several different ones. For us at NKT, it is important that everything runs smoothly in the work with our products. Therefore, we have contact with the project managers on daily basis and have also made weekly visits to coordinate at the construction site, says Per Blomkvist.
Sustainability is an important factor for Umia, where all products in the projects meet the qualifications of the Swedish certification body Byggvarubedömningen. In the process, NKT has adapted packaging and deliveries, so that they have as little environmental impact as possible.
In one of the projects, Umia has also used NKT's environmentally smart solution Qaddy®, a durable and reusable cable drum trolley, loaded with installation cable, which allows the installer to easily move the material close to the workspace and feed the cable when it is pulled out. The Qaddy® drum is then sent back to NKT, who cleans, repairs and rewinds it with new cables which are then ready to be used again. Qaddy® is also a good ergonomic solution that makes installation more efficient.

Having a good dialogue is crucial for a successful project, and we have had that with NKT since the start.

— Jan Stenberg