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Strip Cables in No Time – Without Injuries to Hand or Cable

Oct 25, 2022

An efficient rip cord is of great help to installers in many situations. We have taken this into account and have integrated rip cords into many of our cables.

Rip Cord
In order to make working with NKT products even easier and safer, we have integrated a rip cord into our cables. Our unique solution allows cables to be stripped effortlessly without injuring your hands or damaging the cable core. The rip cord is located under the sheath where it can easily be reached by making a small incision.
Dangers associated when working with cables are minimized thanks to the rip cord. Dangers which may lead to occupational injuries, sick leave, and damage along and around the cable when the jacket is stripped.
We have a wide range of cables with rip cords because we know that it is a tremendous solution that not only looks good on paper, but also works 100% as intended in daily work. Take a look below: