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Sustainability Report 2022: Continuous progress towards a greener world

Feb 22, 2023

NKT has released its Sustainability Report for 2022 showing a 20% reduction in corporate CO2 emissions from 2021, increased workforce diversity and improved safety performance compared to last year.

Cable Hanging Over Sea Water
- We continued to conduct our business with a strong focus on sustainability while building the infrastructure central to the green transition. As a central player in the power cable industry, it is natural to lead the way to a more sustainable future. I am satisfied with the progress in our sustainability journey and are looking forward to continuing in 2023, says CEO Alexander Kara.
As part of the journey. NKT engaged in initiatives and discussions with key stakeholders across the power cable industry to accelerate the progress to a more sustainable future. NKT were a founding member of the Powering Net Zero Pact joining forces with other companies to decarbonize the energy sector, and at COP27 NKT highlighted the need for more efficient approval and tender processes for renewable energy project.
Pelle Fischer-Nielsen
External Communications Officer
Pelle Fischer Nielsen