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Time Saved by Qaddy®

Feb 25, 2022

Ever wonder how much time is actually saved by using NKT Qaddy? A study shows results that may surprise you. See the results and read about more benefits below.

Image of Qaddy and drum
Have you thought about how much time you actually spend hauling cables from one place to another?
Not only does it take minutes out of your working day, but it's also a major drain on your body. That's why NKT offers Qaddy - a modern cable reel with a trolley. All in one product.
Qaddy vs. wooden cable drum
The study has been conducted on how much time is actually saved during a working day by using a Qaddy. EVU (the Danish electrical and plumbing industry's training secretariat for Installers, the Danish Electrical Association and the Danish Construction Association) has performed the Chronometry, and it actually shows that you can save up to 60% compared to a wooden drum. This is time that can be spent on the job itself or on the customer.
Image of Qaddy bluegreen
Image of Qaddy and drum
Image of Qaddy
Image of LV drum construction
The study was performed at a construction site in Copenhagen –a conversion of a former office and production building into a hotel.
Transport times have been measured on a Qaddy and a wooden cable drum with 500 meters of 3G 1.5 mm2 cable. Furthermore, an unwinder for the wooden cable drum was applied.
  • 1st chronometry was performed on a transport from the container to the working site inside the building
  • 2nd chronometry was performed on a transport between 5 different rooms inside the building
The results speak for themselves
(1st) The time saved with Qaddy= 60% compared to a wooden cable drum, so transport on Qaddy to the installation site inside the building is 3 times faster!
(2nd) Time saved with Qaddy= 45% compared to a wooden cable drum so transport on Qaddy inside the building is twice as fast!
On top of that, employees achieve an improved physical working environment, because they avoid heavy lifting and back twists.
Take a look at the study below and learn more.