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When cables and a green agenda goes hand in hand

Apr 22, 2022

NKT and VS Automatic isn’t just a story about a strong partnership, but also about how electric installations and a focus on sustainable solutions comes together

VS Automatic Van Employees
VS Automatic isn’t your everyday electrician company – they have used the UN Global Goals as the foundation for their values and how VS Automatic meet their employees, customers, and surroundings. The company obviously take on all kinds of electric installations but prefers the more sustainable ones such as EV charging stations, solar panels, and heat pumps.
A sustainable focus also means VS Automatic has to take a stand in terms of which products and distributors they work with in order to deliver sustainable solutions. And consequently – take a stand in terms of how projects are best carried out sustainability wise. 
“We prefer NKT, because they can provide detailed guidance in the product selection phase – also when it comes down to which cables are most sustainable. And the fact that all the cables are all produced on green electricity, is just music to my ears", says Brian Bjørnskov, Service Manager at VS Automatic.  
A succesful partnership 
VS Automatic’s focus on sustainable solutions perfectly aligns with NKT’s green agenda and has resulted in years of great collaboration. NKT is proud to deliver products to a company, who isn’t afraid to take a stand. 
“It’s one thing to use the correct cables, which leads effect from a-b, but even better if the product also has a positive effect on the green agenda. We’re happy to work with an installer, where we can be the supplier of their everyday products, but also when they need more complex solutions. Furthermore, we appreciate those of our partners, who are actively advising their customers on energy and process optimization, which has a positive effect on both the CO2 imprint and the financial bottom line", says Christopher Tambo, Sales Manager, NKT.
Image - from the left: Henrik Hjort & Brian Bjørnskov, Service Managers at VS Automatic, Christopher Tambo, Sales Manager, NKT.

We prefer NKT, because they can provide detailed guidance in the product selection phase

— Brian Bjørnskov, Service manager at VS Automatic