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Meet the team Germany & Western Europe

A selection of markets for NKT Accessories on 3 continents is consolidated in the sales region Germany & Western Europe : Germany, most of its neighboring countries, much of the Mediterranean region and a majority of South America.

Strong local presence

We are proud of our long-standing partnerships with distributors in many of the corresponding markets. They provide day-to-day support for NKT Accessories in local language, offer technical assistance and many of these distributors supply from own stock to local utilities, grid operators, contractors, industrial customers and installation companies with focus on clients’ individual demands.
A mutual strategy for each market is implemented and realized in a close dialogue between distributors and sales representatives based at our plant in Nordenham (Germany). Besides that, this internationally acting team is also developing the business with key accounts, e.g. large utilities and industry clients. The expert colleagues from NKT Barcelona office are powerfully driving sales of NKT HV Accessories on the Iberian peninsula and in South America.

German expertise

The German front end sales team comes up with a specific highlight: The regional sales representatives are experienced specialists for both, medium voltage cables and cable accessories. With their comprehensive know how they can be your competent partners in finding high quality solutions for your requirements. 
All of us are looking forward to exchanging ideas with you and to being your partner for supplying cable accessories from NKT.
To get in touch with us, please click on the name of the respective sales representative.
Jan Rosenau (Sales Director DACH and selected markets)
Imad Alwan (France, Italy, Greece, Northern Africa, Key Accounts)
Jan Malte Witthohn (selected markets, Key Accounts)
Mario Ortega (HV Accessories Spain, Portugal, South America)
Roberto Álvarez-García (HV Accessories Spain, Portugal, South America)
Manfred Beck (Renewables Germany)
Marc Heider (Key clients Germany)
Robert Jesumann (Central Germany)
Josef Lankes (Southern Germany)
Mario Plaenitz (Northern Germany)
Gerd Wermeling (Wholesalers Germany)


Our three regional sales representatives in Germany are specialists for both, medium voltage cables and cable accessories. Additionally, the team consists of experts for the Renewable Energy and Wholesale segment.
Image of german sales representatives

Central & Latin America and Mediterranean

Our team members who serve Central & Latin America and the Mediterranean region are experts for cable accessories in their respective region(s) and provide support to customers in the local language.
Image of sales representatives central, latin america, mediterranean region

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partial discharge testing

Reaping the benefits of automated testing at our Nordenham site

High-quality products and solutions require sophisticated quality-assurance measures. So as a supplier that prides itself on the high quality of the products and solutions it supplies to the energy sector, we have adopted cutting-edge process automation at our plant in Nordenham. Upon customers' request we can offer a 100% testing of all cable accessories ordered by this respective customer.
State-of-the-art technology
Our Nordenham site now makes use of sophisticated automation technology to carry out tests on the medium voltage cable accessories that are produced there. State-of-the-art multi-stage testing stations have been installed at the plant, performing high-precision, automated AC testing and partial discharge testing – both on connector systems and straight joints. The new testing system also allows test results to be filtered and analysed, enabling NKT technicians to pinpoint any faults and identify potential product improvements. This information can then be fed back to the R&D team, allowing them to incorporate this valuable knowledge in their product development work.
A multitude of benefits
Automated processes enable the highest level of operational safety and reliability of our products. This comes at a time when reliable energy transmission and distribution is becoming even more important to connect power supplies all over the world. Ultimately, these advantages will benefit our customers. And as a company that believes strongly in the importance of customer satisfaction and customer confidence in NKT, if our customers are happy, we’re happy too.