Al Hadeed, Bahrain

An annual capacity of 850,000 tonnes and installation of a 120-tonne high-performance electric arc furnace make the new steelworks in Bahrain one of the most efficient production sites in the entire Gulf State region. The construction of this third largest steelmill in the world costing approximately 1.2 billion € provides impressive proof of the increasing improvement in the infrastructures in the Asian and Arabian regions. For the steelworks‘ energy supply with a power requirement of 300 MVA a new 220 kV/33 kV substation was built, incorporated in the existing grid with three newly-installed high voltage cable systems. NKT was assigned with this outstanding turnkey project in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2011.

Development and implementation of a turnkey cable project ranging from project planning to installation by NKT

40.5 km installed

220 kV high voltage cables

February 2011 - Late 2012

SULB (United Steel Company)

Al Hadeed, Bahrain



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