Cables with Rip Cord

”Cables with integrated rip cord is an incredibly good solution and I have no doubt, that our future cable purchases will include rip cord" says Bo Christiansen, Director and licensed electrical installer, Del-Tech ApS.

Reckless praise is not something that comes easy with director and licensed electrical installer, Bo Christiansen, from Del-Tech in Ringsted. His words are thoughtful and the superlatives are not next in line. Yet, his enthusiasm is unmistakable regarding NKTs rip cord integrated cables. His first termed "amazing" is later rephrased to ”a surprisingly good product, with a 100% efficiency” and in the end he describes the product as ”easy, safe and quick – because of the manageable process”.

”With safety in mind, it is always more beneficial to make as little use of the knife as possible, while working with cables. In this manor, cables with integrated rip cord is a fantastic solution, that not only looks good on paper, but also works 100% as intended in the daily work, Bo Christiansen proclaims.

Both as an employer and as an electrical installer, Bo Christiansen is concerned with the importance of avoiding accidents at work. In a business where accidents, while fortunately being on a continuous decline, is still a known phenomenon, rules and laws are very important subjects.

Rip Cord is as simple as it is efficient. Using your fingers, you take out the cord and because it is continuous, one can open the sheath as far as needed. The rip cord is currently available in cables of 4 mm² and above and the product range is expanded continuously.

Del-Tech ApS



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