Cork Harbour, Ireland

”St Patrick´s Day“ the 17 March is the most important day of the year in Ireland. In 2011, this day was also an important date for NKT. After less than one year of preparation and planning, the 4.5 km-long route between Glanagow and Raffeen was successfully laid and installed. Cork Harbour is one of the largest natural harbours in the world and is located between these two substations. Dealing with the extremely difficult environmental conditions and the successful cable laying across a busy shipping route proves the commitment and the competenceof NKT.

Development of a turnkey cable project ranging from project planning to installation

4.5 km

22.5 km 220 kV single core HV land cable
18 km 220 kV single core HV submarine cable
Terminations and straight joints

February - July 2011

ESB Networks, Ireland

Cork Harbour, Ireland



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