Gjøa, Norway

Gjøa is a large development project in the North Sea. The production at the field began in 2010 via a semi-submersible platform located off the Norwegian coast. The floating production facility is owned and operated by ENGIE E&P. They decided to prioritize the use of emission-free hydropower from the Norwegian grid to power offshore production facilities and thereby reducing the cost and the environmental footprint of its operations.

The turnkey solution comprised the longest HVAC submarine cable in the world at this time installed in one complete length and at this voltage. At the time of this project, the powering of a floating platform with electricity from the onshore grid had never been attempted as there was not yet any AC cable sufficiently robust to withstand the mechanical stress of floating applications.

The Gjøa floating production facility is located 360 meters above the seabed. The cabling consists of a static 115 kV high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) cable system along the seafloor for a distance of 96.5 km and the world´s first 1.5 km dynamic cable, which links the static cable to the floating platform. Although the platform is moored to the seafloor, it can be moved as much as 75 meters to one side by the wind and the waves. Working closely with ENGIE E&P, the solution is developed to handle the substantial mechanical stress and risk of fatigue, with an operating life of at least 35 years.

The pioneering HVAC cable system with a dynamic section is designed, manufactured and installed to withstand the extreme conditions and transmit 40 MW of power for decades to come. It opened up a new era for the offshore oil and gas industry by enabling a floating production facility to be powered entirely from onshore.

World´s first dynamic high voltage cable system brings energy to the floating oil and gas platform in the North Sea

About 100 km installed

Power-from-shore 115 kV HVAC cable system, including 96.5 km of static submarine XLPE cable and 1.5 km of dynamic submarine XLPE cable.

2007 - 2010


North Sea, Norway



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