Integrating Horns Rev 3

The Danish transmission system operator, Energinet, is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish state. Energinet was looking for an AC (alternating-current) power cable system solution to integrate and transmit power from the Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm.

The Horns Rev 3 wind farm is located in the North Sea, about 30 km off the western-most point of Denmark, Blåvands Huk, and not far from the city of Esbjerg. The 400 MW (megawatt) wind farm has the capacity to supply electricity to around 400,000 households.

In order to turn this ambitious energy project for a sustainable development into reality, Energinet had to establish a reliable power transmission link to the mainland.

The renewable power generated by the offshore wind farm is brought to shore via this large 32 km long 220 kV (kilovolt) three-core polymeric insulated submarine cable with integrated fiber optics cables for data communications and temperature monitoring of the power cable. The entire cable system was manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory in Karlskrona, Sweden, and it was the world´s second largest submarine cable with a diameter of almost 30 cm, and it weighed approximately 3,400 tons.

Technical design, engineering, type testing and production of the high-voltage cable system including accessories and installation

32 km installed

220 kV HVAC cable system with a 400 MW power rating

2014 - 2016


The North Sea, Denmark



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