Clean energy to Johan Sverdrup

With expected resource base of 2.7 billion barrels of oil equivalents, Johan Sverdrup is one of the most important industrial projects in Norway in the next 50 years. Peak production is estimated to be 660,000 barrels of oil per day. 

The enormous field, which is located on the Utsira Height, about 160 km west of Stavanger, will constitute 25 % of all Norwegian petroleum production when taken into operation, and the development and operation will generate revenue and provide jobs for coming generations. During 2017, more than 14,000 people around the world contributed to the development. 

The field will be operated by electrical power generated onshore, reducing offshore emissions of climate gases by up to 90 % compared to a standard development utilizing gas turbines. 

We were contracted to design, manufacture and install an 80 kV (kilovolt) extruded DC (direct current) cable system with a capacity of 100 MW (megawatts) to transmit power from the Norwegian power grid to the Johan Sverdrup offshore production facility. At a length of 200 km, it is the longest extruded submarine cable system to an offshore oil and gas facility in the world. 

An onshore converter station at Haugsneset will turn AC (alternating current) from the grid into DC, which is transmitted efficiently over 200 km to the second converter station located on the Johan Sverdrup riser platform out in the North Sea. The current will then be converted back into AC and distributed to the rest of the field. 

With the world’s longest single-length extruded power cable delivered without field joints, we are pushing the boundaries of technology and lowering environmental impact.

Cable system design and engineering, including 200 km of extruded submarine DC cable

200 km

A turnkey 80 kV cable system with a 100 MW power rating

2015 - 2018


The North Sea, Norway



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