Connecting Martin Linge

The Martin Linge oil and gas field is located in the North Sea offshore Norway, close to the border to the UK continental shelf. The owner Equinor wanted to power the offshore activities from the onshore power grid instead of using onsite generators. This would reduce the environmental impact by saving about 200,000 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) annually.

Other advantages that Equinor wanted to obtain with a power-from-shore solution were reduced risk of fire and reduced need for maintenance. They wanted lower weight and less noise and vibration on the platform. The project was to improve overall working conditions.

NKT provided a record-breaking HVAC (high-voltage alternating current) cable system. We designed, manufactured and installed the entire impressive 145 kV three-core XLPE HVAC submarine cable system. It is 163 kilometres long and plays a key role in making the oil and gas field more carbon-efficient. It has low electrical losses, excellent tensile strength to withstand the harsh conditions of the North Sea and includes three fibre optic links.

We also supplied a 3.5-kilometre 17.5 kV infield cable including 500 metres of dynamic cable that connects the platform to a FSO (floating storage and offloading vessel). The dynamic cable is designed to withstand the motion of the FSO caused by wind, waves and current.

Turnkey power-from-shore cable system including 163 km of static 3-core submarine XLPE cable, 3.5 km of in-field cable and 500 m of dynamic submarine cable

163 km

145 kV XLPE HVAC submarine cable system with a 55 MW power rating plus a 17.5 kV infield cable system including dynamic cable

2012 - 2019


North Sea, Norway



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