“With the new NOIKLX® 90 cable, I can fully exploit the possibilities in the new installation standard.”, says Carsten Skov, Director and licensed electrical installer, Ditlevsen & Skov Installationer A/S. Here are the good questions from the electrical installer:

  • How far back in time can we consider the current NOIKLX® cable to be a 90° C degree cable? NKT has decided that NOIKLX® cables as far back as the 1st of May 2015, will be considered a 90° C degree cable.
  • How come this specific date; 1st of May 2015? It is the same date where we upgraded our aluminium cables from 70° C to 90° C degrees.

Please be aware that all product numbers are retained on the new NOIKLX® 90 cable which means this will make be a "One-to-one" conversion. Download the PDF at the bottom of the page to see the Power values for NOIKLX® 90 at an ambient temperature of 30° C in air and 20° C in the ground.

The new NOIKLX® 90 from NKT covers the whole series of NOIKLX® installation cables.

NOIKLX® 90. Light installation cable with copper conductor. Halogen-free. Now with 90°C operating and conductor temperature. Contains rip cord in all types above 4 mm² and with more than one conductor.

Ditlevsen & Skov Installationer A/S



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