Qable box for a better overview

Holmriis in Ebeltoft has started to use QABLE BOX from NKT in their service vans. This provides for a better overall economy when using cables and wires.

Electrical installer Lars S. Hansen chose at the introduction of QABLE BOX to use the concept in their service vans. ”It is a concept that fits service tasks and we instantly noticed the possibilities in the concept”, says Lars S. Hansen. "The handles at the end of the boxes make them easy to carry. The cables and the white lamp cords do not get dirty either, as they are protected when using the QABLEBOX. As such we can reduce our waste and actually sell more of the purchased goods”. Lars S. Hansen continues, "It is easy to accommodate inside the service van as all of the QABLE BOXs, no matter type or length, has the same physical size".

Ergonomic, practical and effective logistics of heavy cables while working with installation, has been the keyword behind QABLE BOX. QABLE BOX is manufactured using eco-friendly cardboard which is more resistant to moist and water exposure.

Qable box provides a practical and easy solution to organize and create an overview of the different cable types and dimensions. The packaging protects the cable and keeps it free from dust and dirt during both transportation and storage.

HOLMRIIS EL-installation A/S in Ebeltoft, Djursland has since its establishment in 1926 evolved to be one of the region’s leading electrical installation companies. Currently the company employs around 20 employees.



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