Skagerrak 2 repair, (Norway – Denmark)

The national power grids between Denmark and Norway are connected through four DC-links crossing the Skagerrak strait, capable to carrying 1700 MW of renewable energy to the two countries’ energy mix. In the summer of 2017, one of the cables, the Skagerrak 2, was damaged due to external impact. The damaged part was located about 36.5 km north of Bulbjerg in Denmark. The offshore mission had to be completed as soon as possible to reduce downtime. During the autumn and winter, the sea can be very rough. The exposure to the weather condition combined with the urgency to get the cable back in operation, defined the requirements for the repair.

We performed the repair with support from our marine, engineering and service departments. The state of the art and purpose built cable laying vessel NKT Victoria was used for the operation. Time and operational excellence are crucial in a repair operation and we clearly see how our customers benefit from a NKT turnkey service operation.

NKT finished the turnkey repair project within the planed time schedule. When handling all from planning to execution during a turnkey repair operation, NKT can ensure maximum efficiency, smooth interfaces and lower risk. The repaired Skagerrak 2 cable link was back in operation on November 3rd 2017 – securing the international transmission of green power.


See the repair video

The Skagerrak 2 cable is one out of four DC links with a combined capacity to carry up to 1,700 MW (megawatt) of electricity 

Fault location was 36,5 km north of Bulbjerg in Denmark

250 kV mass impregnated HVDC cable system 

September - November 3rd, 2017


Skagerrak, (Norway-Denmark)



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