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Cable Branch Cabinets

Need a simple solution to help you organise your cables? We’ve got you covered.

The ability to perform grid maintenance work without disruption to the entire network and without creating a dangerous situation is absolutely critical for any operator. NKT cable branching cabinets are the answer. They are a robust and flexible way of sectioning off specific lengths of cable, providing absolute assurance of safety.
When working on a section of cable, it is vitally important to have a maintenance environment that lets you complete the work safely and efficiently. Our medium-voltage distribution cabinets are designed to keep your cable connections organised, allowing you to visualise isolations clearly before beginning your maintenance work.
Cable branching cabinets from NKT come in hot-dip galvanised steel and have added corrosion protection on the underground parts. These robust structures fully satisfy the IEC 60439-5 standard for mechanical impact testing. All our cabinets are supplied with six screened separable connectors that are compliant with the electrical requirements of CENELEC, HD 629.1 S2. If you wish to connect additional cables, there are accessories available that allow you to do so.

Benefits of NKT Distribution Cabinets at a Glance

  • Easy cable organisation
  • Avoid unnecessary downtime during maintenance work
  • Sturdy housing made from hot-dip galvanised sheet steel
  • Additional corrosion protection on underground parts
  • Six screened separable connectors
  • Pre-installed coupling components
  • Up to four parallel circuits connected at once
  • Compliant with IEC 60439-5 and CENELEC, HD 629.1 S2
  • Further accessories available for connecting additional cables

Sophisticated Yet Rugged Design

Our branching cabinets come with the necessary separable connectors and the coupling pieces for connecting them. For maximum durability, we use hot-dip galvanised sheet steel to construct the cabinets. We also use corrosion protection on subterranean parts, which helps to extend the cabinet’s lifespan, ensuring effective shelter in any environment.

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