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Modern cable accessories for paper-insulated lead sheath cables

Here at NKT, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge solutions for power networks. But it’s a fact of life that older technologies don’t just disappear when something cutting edge is invented. That’s why we produced a range of medium voltage cable accessories for connecting and joining legacy paper-insulated lead sheath cables (PILC). Most power networks in large cities are still dependent on PILC technology and, thanks to these ingenious cable accessories, NKT can help them to operate safely and reliably for many years to come.
These days, oil-impregnated paper-insulated cables have largely been replaced by more modern XLPE cables. Where legacy cables still exist, high-quality cable accessories are needed that can joint paper cables and make transitions between the existing PILC and to new plastic or rubber-insulated cables.
Cable worker installing a medium voltage cable
Our range of PILC accessories includes PILC terminations, paper lead cable joints and transition joints for jointing paper cables with XLPE cables. Cable jointing between PILC and XLPE cables is a meeting of two worlds and therefore presents a particular challenge. But thanks to our long experience of developing cable technologies – extending back over more than a century – we have an unrivalled pool of knowledge that encompasses both PILC and XLPE.

The Benefits of PILC Cable Joints from NKT

  • Safe operation of power networks with legacy technology
  • Silicone-based filler
  • Plastic-coated steel tube offering robust mechanical protection
  • Long service life

The Old Ones Are the Best – Still?

Keeping legacy cables working at their very best is no mean feat – unless you’ve got NKT on your side. With liquid insulation to prevent the paper cables from drying out, potentially destructive partial discharges are a thing of the past. What’s more, a plastic-coated steel tube offers robust mechanical protection to keep the connection safe. So, you can relax feeling safe in the knowledge that our PILC accessories have a long service life ahead of them.

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