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CPR Info

Common classification of fire properties

Cables were not previously included in the CPR, but since 2017 cables are part of this EU common building standard. Formally, the cable regulations are termed EN 50575. But for simplicity, we call them CPR.
The CPR for cables specifically covers fire classification and test methods for cables used in buildings.
Low voltage cable being tested in accordance with CPR regulations

What is the CPR?

The European Construction Product Regulation (CPR) aims to ensure reliable information on the performance of products used in buildings such as floors, ceilings and facings. This is achieved by harmonising the rules for how construction products are tested and classified. Anyone who wants to introduce a construction product to the market must test, classify and label the product in accordance with the EU-wide rules in the CPR.

Tested and Approved for Safer Installations

A common EU standard for fire safety in cables was introduced in 2017. At NKT, we have been striving to make the new standard more easily understood. This makes the implementation of the regulations easier for both our customers and ourselves.

Cables You Can Trust

NKT was early in developing a solid knowledge about CPR and the new fire classes and converting a wide range of cables in accordance with the regulations.
When you choose products from NKT, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality cables that meet all the requirements in accordance with the new EU common directives within CPR.

Two installers each holding a coil of low voltage cable